Saturday, February 25, 2012

I & me

Just because i'm nice to you,

Doesn't mean I like you!

It just means i'm not RUDE!

Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance,
my calmness for acceptness,
and my kindness for weekness!

I can't blame you for being who you are,
I can only blame myself for thinking why you were different!

#Why  Are You Still with someone if they are constantly bringing you down? If they loved you, they wouldn't hurt you.

#You Should Never Trust someone again after they've betrayed your trust. What makes you think they'll change?!

Wanna see someone pretty? Look in a magazine. Wanna see someone beautiful? Look in the mirror. me. me. me :)

I hate when someone says that they hate someone, but then go hangout with them
 #comedy tweets

Be nice to people on your way up
Because you’ll need them on your way down

That's when I love you!

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