Friday, April 13, 2012


The “just right”-sized truck

If mid-size is what you're looking for, there's no need to put full-sized demands on your wallet. The 2012 Chevy Colorado works hard and with your budget, and reflects the standard of excellence found in every Chevy Truck.

It offers the right amount of storage capacity for your needs with its three available cab configurations — Regular, Extended and Crew. Customize your truck even more with three engine choices ranging from an economical four-cylinder to a powerful V8, all of which we back with our 5-year/100,000-mile warranty(3). It's easy to see how Colorado is the perfect truck to take you on the adventure of your choice.

Taw tak, terasa macam naik jet masa asben speed kat hidhway plus tu. mau taknye 190km/j. Kaki dah naik atas dashboard.
Suka la tempat untuk on aircond tu. Canggih manggih.

Ni bukan masalah stereng senget tapi masa ni tengok stop. So snap je la, malas nak betulkan balik.

Seat leather. Best jugak la.

Generous room and comfort

A comfortable driving environment comes standard, but Colorado offers so much more. Available heated leather-appointed driver and passenger seating complement an array of standard convenience features like cruise control, an adjustable, leather-wrapped steering wheel.
Audio and entertainment

Available on WT and standard on all other Colorado trims, an AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 player helps you pass the miles with your favorite tunes. Want more? SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio(4) with three trial months gives you commercial-free music channels, sports, news and talk channels including comedy and family programming from coast-to-coast. Standard on all models except WT.
Driver Information Center

Standard on every Colorado, the Driver Information Center provides detailed information on a variety of vehicle functions, including oil life and the Tire Pressure Monitor System(5). TPMS monitors the inflation level of each of the four road tires, alerting the driver to a potentially dangerous underinflation situation.

Tempat letak air. Memang tak tumpah.

Drawer kat dashboard tu. Kecik la.

Kete ni penuh sticker sebab ni kete roadshow. Kuang kuang kuang.
Ktorang dalam perjalanan dari Bangi ke Kluang sebab asben ada majlis penyerahan bangunan Kolej Komuniti Kluang dan Chevrolet company asben punye bos sponsor kete ni untuk promo kat menteri. Dorang takdenya nak sponsor kete ni. Dorang sponsor kereta lain lol.
Eh kereta ke? #pickup la!

Stop jap. Asben dok cari selipar nak pakai. Masa tengah tunggu kawan asben ambil baju kat Seremban, nampak kereta Nurul laju je pecut lane kanan. Ewah ewah bukan main laju lagi ko ye Nurul.

Best kalau highway tapi tak best jalan kampung. Malam selepas habis majlis, kami terus pecut balik Kuantan melalui mersing-rompin-pekan. Mak aih, dah la baru pas makan. Rasa nak keluar balik makanan. Pickup ni mempunyai CC 2.8 but guna diesel. Besar gabak. Terasa kecik je kereta-kereta lain. Erk, sian kancil aku nampak macam semut kalau naik pickup ni.

Sape nak beli, lebih kurang Rm100k++.

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