Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

My favourite kalau pergi Oldtown. Rasanya sedap (for me lol) dan simple je. Taruk cili padi kicap then makan. Tapi kalau nak makan, mesti nak pakai chopstick dan sudu hitam tu. Entah kenapa. Google resepi kat sini http://lilyng2000.blogspot.com/2009/05/ipoh-sar-hor-fun.html


1 lb fresh rice noodle/dried Hu Tieu

1 lb shrimps with head - on
2 nos. whole chicken leg
Chinese chives (sectioned)
2 stalks scallions (chopped)

Ingredients for Chicken Broth:

3 nos. whole chicken carcass/2 packets of Swanson Chicken stock
Shrimp's shell (removed from the above 1 lb shrimps)
1/2 lb soya bean sprouts (tai tau nga)
2 x 1 inch size rock sugar
1 tsp whole white peppercorns (crushed)
5 liters water
salt to taste

Ingredients for Shrimp Oil:
125ml cooking oil
Shrimp head (removed from the above 1 lb shrimps)


To cook the shrimps, bring 1 liter of water to the boil and blanched the shrimps until they turn pink and cooked through. Remove and shock in ice water. Remove the heads and drain dry, to be use for frying with the oil. Remove the shells for making the chicken broth.
To cook the chicken legs, bring back the above water which was used to cook the shrimp, to a rolling boil. Put in the chicken legs and when water comes back to a boil, let it simmer for 5 minutes and cover with lid, turn off heat and let chicken legs poach for 15 minutes. Remove and shred when cooled.

To make chicken broth, rinse the chicken carcass,place them into a stock pot, add in the rest of stock ingredients, together with the water which was used for cooking the shrimp and chicken legs, bring to the boil. Reduce to low heat and cook for approximately 1-2 hours. Alternatively, use the pressure cooker which will take less than 1/2 the time.
Season with salt and strain the stock. Leave aside.
To make shrimp oil, heat up the cooking oil in the preheated wok, place in shrimp heads, stir-fry over low heat until the shrimp oil separates. Remove from heat, strain well.
Pour some of the prawn's oil into the chicken stock.
Blanch the "Hor Fun", Chinese chives in boiling water separately. Dish up and drained.
To assemble, place the "Hor Fun" into a serving bowl, add in blanched Chinese chives, , chicken shreds and shrimps.
Serve with hot chicken broth, add in a little shrimp oil and chopped scallions.
Serve hot with fried sambal or chopped chilly in soya sauce.


Anonymous said...

sama macam saya...kalau pego old town mesti makan ipoh char hor fun....sedappp ya amat....nak masak kat rumah..tapi sebelum ni taktahu resepi ...alhamdulillah...dpt jugakk jumpa

kehidupan sihat said...

tq share resepi..