Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[53% OFF] RM49.50 instead of RM105 for Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit by Heart's Desire. Free Delivery to West Malaysia

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What You'll Get

    *      1 X bamboo charcoal slimming suit
    *      Available in Grey only
    *      Size available M-L and L-XL
    *      Free Delivery to West Malaysia
    *      Extra RM6 to East Malaysia payable to merchant

    * Made from approximately 5 year old bamboo which is carbonized at a high temperature of 1180 degrees, which is then processed into Nano particles and compounded into polyester
    * Ideal for daily use just to firm your body up comfortably
    * Helps shaping stomach by burning fats, shaping hips, thighs, bust, breasts and waist
    * Bamboo-charcoal fibre improves blood circulation, metabolism,deodorized body odor and eliminated bacteria growth
    * Lift bust and straighten posture,hunchback and backache
    * Material: High quality and 100% Cotton and 100% Bamboo Fiber
    * Shaper Type: Slim and Lift
    * Suitable for all ages and sizes
    * No side effects


    * Last Day to Update Delivery Details: 29 June 2012
    * Please note your preferred SIZE in the "Remarks" field, failure to do so will result in a random colour being selected"
    * Changing of delivery details more than once might cause delays in delivery
    * Unlimited Purchase & Redemption per person
    * To redeem, fill in the required details after completing your payment
    * Delivery will take 21 working days upon close of deal
    * For enquiries, please email heartsdesireee@gmail.com
    * Vouchers purchased are not refundable( Merchant will check carefully before ship out the item)
    * How to redeem this deal:
          o 1) Buy this voucher
          o 2) Please fill in your delivery details after completing your purchase.
          o 3) Wait for your product to arrive
          o 4) Enjoy!
    * See the rules that apply to all deals.

Amazing Body, Beautiful You!

Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit shapes the figure designed to give you a flattering shape. It also gives you a added support in the back. It help in stimulates the blood circulation for a relaxing day

No matter what, women of all ages would love to stand out and show off beautiful you. You may wonder the ways to stay slim and fit. Here is an answer, wear Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit in exchange for an amazing body and a beautiful, you.


64-76 (S-M) 
76 – 82 (L-XL)




Ok dah habis entry iklan. Saya dan Kak Yus ada beli okeh set ni. Lagi murah. RM35 je include postage. Tapi pakai tu best jugak. Senang nak membuang apa yang patut. Tak payah tanggal pun slimming set ni. Shape kat dada pun cantik je terbentuk.

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